Our neighbor Allen Bush was lucky enough to get a look inside the standpipe this morning.  The tower will be getting some much-needed maintenance over the coming months, courtesy of Boston Parks, followed by a facelift to the park itself!  

The work on the Tower will include interior and exterior masonry and granite restoration; preparation and 100% exterior recoating of the Tower; window repair; glass and glazing replacement; preparation and painting of existing interior cast iron metal spiral stairs and large metal tank; and related repairs to the metal tank; and metal roof preparation and coating. Over the month of March, work undertaken by the hired Contractor, Chapman Waterproofing, will be focused on the interior of the Tower. Moving into the warmer months, you and your neighbors will see scaffolding go up to work on the exterior improvements. There will be no great visible change to the Tower only that it will be better suited/protected from the elements (rain/snow/etc.) The goal is to have this work completed by early summer.


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